In my previous blog, I wrote about the true nature of depression. I described how depression is not a thing but a state. Specifically, I explained how it is a state of low energy. With that in mind, I’d like to now turn attention to the true nature of human beings and explain why energetic states such as depression affect us the way they do.

If you could somehow fit an entire human being beneath the lens of the most powerful microscope on Earth, you would quickly discover that we ourselves are nothing more than energy. We are an incredibly complex, sophisticated, integrated array of energy, mind you, but we are energy nonetheless. You might argue that we are both energy and matter, but what is matter if not energy in its densest form? Again, we are energy.

There are countless forms of energy in our universe. To name but a few, we have heat energy, solar energy, magnetic energy, thermal energy and kinetic energy. Though human beings can produce and manufacture various forms of energy, I’d like to propose that the most intrinsic form of energy that we consist of is something wholly unique. I propose that our foundational building block is life energy. And, because life energy itself is not exclusive to human beings (after all, flowers, fish and fennec foxes are all alive), I further propose that the specific type of life energy we possess more of than any other form of life on the planet is what I like to call Source energy.

So, the nature of human beings is that we are energetic beings who consist of Source energy, which is a distinctive form of life energy. In the previous blog I explained that depression is a state that occurs when life energy runs low. Though I did not use the term, the specific type of life energy I was referring to was Source energy.

Think about a light bulb that is operated by a dimmer switch. When the dimmer is turned all the way up, the light bulb is fully illuminated. This would be analogous to a human being operating with a full flow of Source energy. When we are in full alignment with Source energy, we ourselves are illuminated. That is when we feel well, strong, capable, joyous and vibrant.

Going back to our imaginary light bulb, now consider what happens when the dimmer gets pushed almost all the way down. Though the bulb is still connected to its power source, it produces barely any light at all. This would be analogous to a human being operating with a severely deficient flow of Source energy. And the result? As you likely guessed, a low energy state such as depression.

Summing all of this up, my hope is that it is becoming evident to you that, because of our energetic nature, we have only to ensure a strong, clear connection with Source energy if we wish to defeat depression. It is truly that simple. And there is more good news. Because Source energy has to conform to all of the same natural laws that govern other forms of energy on our planet, we have only to examine the world around us to find clues on how we can achieve that strong, clear connection that keeps us shining bright. And the clues are abundant!

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