The Observer Effect

The Observer Effect

Up to this point, the focus of our blog series has been on building the framework we need to design an effective plan for curing depression. Namely, that our true, fundamental nature as human beings is that we are beings of energy, and that depression is nothing more than an energetic state much the same as exhaustion or excitement are energetic states. We also examined three of the most important natural laws that govern energy in order to establish and understand the rules we have to play by when we take up the fight against depression. With this solid foundation in place, we now turn our attention to mapping out a strategy that will ensure our success.

One of the most exciting and controversial discoveries in science is what scientists call the observer effect. In layman’s terms, the observer effect states that the things we study change their behavior as a direct result of being observed. Studying energy is no exception to the rule. Take, for example, scientists who study light energy. Those scientists have discovered that they can only observe light one of two ways. On one hand, scientists are able to observe light energy as particles. On the other, they can observe light as waves. What they cannot do, however, is observe light energy as both a particle and a wave at the same time. This phenomenon is exciting for scientists because it indicates that everything you can possibly study will change depending upon how the study is being carried out. It is controversial for the same reason- it implies bias as a direct result of observation. What does this have to do with depression, you ask? Well, keeping in mind that depression is an energetic state caused by a poor connection with Source energy (the form of life energy human beings fundamentally consist of), the observer effect tells us that Source energy is going to change depending on how it is being observed. In other words, Source energy will change depending on the apparatus we use to observe it.

Much like scientists only being able to observe light energy as a particle or a wave depending on the apparatus they use to observe the light, there are only two ways human beings can observe source energy, only two different apparatuses we can use to interpret it. We observe and interpret Source energy via our thoughts and our actions. There is no other way.

As you will recall from our blog about the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy is finite. Energy cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed. Every can only be transferred or transformed. With the understanding that our thoughts and actions are energy, we can connect the dots and see that Source energy is precisely what is being transformed every time we think, feel, speak or act. The energy of our thoughts and actions isn’t being created. It doesn’t appear out of thin air. It is an interpretation (or transformation) of Source energy. In other words, we are the ones directly responsible for the physical and mental reality Source energy fashions for us, depending upon how we think and act with the Source energy we are provided.

In our previous blogs we also examined the most important natural laws that govern the way Source energy behaves as we interpret it (The Law of Inertia) and transform it (The Law of Attraction). Think about lightning hitting an iron rod. The lightning represents Source energy, and the iron rod represents our brain. What happens with all the energy stored in the iron rod depends wholly upon what it’s connected to. Likewise, the Source energy that flows into our brains from the universe doesn’t pile up there. We connect that energy with the outside world each and every time we think, feel, speak and act. So, what does the observer effect tell us about our physical and mental reality? It tells us that we are the masters of our own reality depending entirely and exclusively upon how we think and act. It tells us that we are the ones in charge!

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