The Law of Conservation of Energy taught us that our thoughts and actions create our physical reality. Next, the Law of Inertia taught us that we have to change our patterns of thought and action in order to pull out of and prevent a depressed state. What we need now is a natural law that demonstrates what sort of changes we need to make in the way we think and act in order to defeat depression. That is precisely where the next natural law we need to examine comes into play, that being the Law of Attraction.

When I say Law of Attraction, I’m not talking about the popularized notion that if you think about something long and hard enough it will automatically come into being. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but no amount of thinking about how much you want to lose weight will make you fit unless you do what needs to be done in the kitchen and at the gym, because that is not how natural laws work. What I’m talking about is the real, scientific Law of Attraction, the natural law stating that like energy attracts like energy.

The actual Law of Attraction is why magnetized particles cling to one another. It’s why a roaring fire draws more heat into itself as it expands. Like energy attracts like energy, and the energy set into motion by your thoughts and actions is no exception to the rule.

Your mind and body are primed to respond to the Law of Attraction. A key example of this fact is your reticular activating system, a small bundle of nerve cells near the base of your brain stem that draws your attention to the information and objects in your external environment that correspond to your predominant thoughts and actions. Your reticular activating system is responsible for all of the Corvettes you see on the road as soon as you start thinking about buying one. It’s why everywhere you go you start meeting people who love to swim once you take up swimming yourself. Again, like energy attracts like energy.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t cause the things you want to suddenly appear in your life as if by magic. In reality, it draws your attention to the people, places, objects and information you need from your external environment to get what you want. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work by magic- it works by participation. So, what this natural law teaches us as it pertains to defeating depression is that we have to make a conscious and consistent effort to think, feel, speak and act on the things that we truly want. When we do that, the Law of Attraction draws our attention to what we need from our external environment in order to make our wishes reality.

It is critical to understand that our thoughts, words and actions are energy. From there, we need to understand that energy draws to itself the same, specific energy from our external environment. Thus, if we spend all day thinking, feeling, talking and acting like we’re depressed, this natural law guarantees that we will find even more things to be depressed about. Even if we think and talk about not wanting depression, more depression is exactly what we will get because the law doesn’t discriminate between what we do and do not want. It only brings us exactly what we are thinking and acting on, regardless of whether it is wanted or unwanted. That being the case, the key is to think and act on what we do want, and to do so as frequently and consistently as possible.

In order to end depression, we have to think about feeling well. We have to talk about happiness. We have to take action that empowers, illuminates and enlivens us. When we think and act on what we truly want (as opposed to what we do not want), the energy set into motion form our thoughts and actions can only attract what we need to make those desires possible. That is a natural law, and that is perhaps the most critical step we must take on our journey towards the end of depression.

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