Given that depression is nothing more than a state of low Source energy, and given that we ourselves are beings of energy, we have only to consider how the natural laws of our planet affect energy in order to find a way to defeat depression. As I mentioned at the conclusion of the previous blog, such clues in nature are abundant. The reason I say that is simply because the natural laws that govern energy on Earth do not apply differently to various forms of energy. For example, gravity has the same effect on Source energy as it does on light, heat, kinetic and magnetic energy. So, as long as we observe how one kind of energy is governed by natural laws, we can apply the same lessons we learn and optimize our own flow of Source energy.

One of the most important natural laws that govern energy is the First Law of Thermodynamics, commonly known as the Law of Conservation of Energy. It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only converted or transferred. A good example of this happens when you flip a light switch. Electrical energy is then converted to light and heat energy, which is what causes the bulb to shine. The electrical energy is not destroyed or eliminated – it is merely converted into light and heat.

The Law of Conservation of Energy provides great news to those who suffer from depression. Why? Because, in accordance with this natural law, it stands that the energetic state of depression has to be a result of other energy transforming into a depressed state. Going back to our example of flipping a switch to light a bulb, imagine a room with one switch but two bulbs. One bulb is the bright light of wellness, and the other is the dim light of depression. If we flip the switch and only the dim bulb lights up, we know that the electricity needs to be rerouted to the bright bulb in order to fix the problem. In other words, the problem isn’t the bulb or the electrical current- it’s the wiring. Likewise, you aren’t a broken bulb if you are depressed, nor are you suffering from an insufficient power source. You merely need to reroute your power.

The power source we are all provided with as human beings is Source energy. We all get the same current of Source energy from the universe. It’s not that happy people have more Source energy than depressed people do. We all get the same supply, and we are all essentially the same kind of bulb. When our energy is flowing uninterrupted, we can all shine bright. When our connection gets corroded, on the other hand, we all begin to dim. What creates a depressed state is not our power supply, nor is it our makeup – it is how fluidly our Source energy flows through us, plain and simple.

Going back to the Law of Conservation of Energy, we know that our Source energy isn’t evaporating and causing a depressed state as a result. To the contrary, the natural law states that our Source energy is converting into a depressed state. So again, the issue isn’t our power supply or our state, but rather what is happening in between the two. We have to ask ourselves what is causing our energy to transform the way it is. And do you know what that answer is? It is the way we think and the way we act. It is truly that simple.

Unless we have been the victim of some severe trauma, we are always in control of the way we think and the way we act. Do not doubt for a moment that thoughts and actions are energetic expressions. They most certainly are. That is why, if the proper measuring equipment such as an EEG were attached to your body, you could literally see your thoughts and actions appear on a screen. Thoughts and actions are energy. They are the wires that get the electricity to the bulb. Your thoughts and your actions are what convert your Source energy into your physical, mental and emotional reality. And that, my friends, is a natural law!

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  • Jackie Posted October 30, 2019 6:57 pm

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks so much for this great information. Your book really helped me to better understand my depression and how to overcome.

    Thank you!

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