Jason Smitka is an author, speaker, and a man who overcame clinical depression. He has created a step by step guide that you can use to defeat depression without the use of medication.Learn More About Jason Smitka

My Book
The Way Through The End Of Depression

There are approximately three hundred million people around the world who suffer from depression. In America alone, people spend a combined total of more than two hundred billion dollars a year fighting this terrible illness. Unfortunately, however, there is no pill that cures depression. Medication targets the symptoms of depression, not the cause. And because of that, the cure for depression will never be found in a bottle of pills. In order to cure depression, you must identify the cause, root if out, and put preventative measures in place to keep it from ever coming back. This book will show you how to do exactly that.

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This book is so compelling and insightful!

This is a book that you definitely do not read once and put on your shelf. There is a lot of great information that you will want to reread. I appreciate the author's ability to break his research down in a concise manner that I could absorb and retain. Jason Smitka is really on to something! His research combined with his own personal experiences are something to be shared.

I feel overwhelmed with some books in this category when they describe the process to get to your end goal. This book even with nine steps does not give me that sense of dread of how I am going accomplish this. The author makes every step approachable and gives you the validation that even the smallest change is a success. I also like that even if you are doing some of these steps previously to reading this book you will still find the greatest benefit when you look at the combination of them all.

I truly do not believe this book is only for those living with depression. I think everyone can take pieces of this book to incorporate in your life and in doing so will find you are in a happier place. Power Nine here I come!


Motivating and Inspiring!

Book Review: The Way Through

Motivating and Inspiring!

What a refreshing and inspirational manual! Mr. Smitka has taken the time to share not only his personal and gut-wrenching battle with depression, but his step-by-step recipe for how to overcome depression. Throughout my life I have heard so many different explanations of what depression is and the various treatments for depression. It’s a disease. It’s genetic and runs in the family. You need medication to treat it. Etc. No one has ever described it from a spiritual and energy standpoint! I was amazed at how fluently Smitka ties everything life-related together as a system connected by the universe’s constant energy.

I call this a manual because I believe it is not just a book, but a blueprint for how to change your life. Since reading this I find myself constantly paying attention to the energy (triggers) around me that cause me to either feel bad or feel good. Sure it seems obvious, but when you are caught up with “life,” you sometimes forget how to actually deal with those situations. Smitka actually provides tools and steps to move your spiritual demeanor from bad… to better… to great. I appreciated the focus on inward healing and self-reflection the most… to use this to affect your external environment. Believing is seeing and he explains how your thoughts become reality in a manner that is not BS and snake-oil.

Admittedly, I have never done meditation, yoga, tai-chi, or anything related to inward focus. This book offers a whole new perspective and approach to life for someone unfamiliar with these energy-focused healing arts. Not hippie stuff but scientific in nature, backed with solid references. As someone who has always tried to balance my faith in God with science, I greatly appreciate Smitka’s encouragement to tap into your “Source Energy” to help bring you to a positive energy vibration. I appreciate that Smitka also quotes a scripture verse to help affirm his recipe for success. I feel empowered to strengthen my relationship with God through some of the energy-focused methods for which Smitka describes.

I believe there is something for everyone in this book even if you aren’t necessarily dealing with depression but perhaps even a hostile work environment. I came away from this book feeling as if I had purpose and how to overcome negative deep-ridden thoughts. A big thanks to Mr. Smitka for an awesome take on battling internal demons and always, always focusing on the positive.

Jim F

Powerful and Empowering

I got this book not because I have depression, but because I love someone that does. The information out in the universe on this topic is more than plentiful. And I've read a lot of it. However, this first-hand account is different. It's deeply personal... I laughed and wept. It opened my eyes to an understanding of what someone with depression goes through. Something I couldn't imagine before and my loved one has difficulty articulating. Outlined are nine steps (the author calls the Power Nine) and they are indeed powerful and empowering. These tools lead to one goal...a word you don't hear often much when talking about depression....a CURE! This book has given me hope for a cure and I understand now that full recovery is possible. I have joined a family support group through NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and will definitely recommend this book everyone in our group and anyone else that may benefit from it.


A refreshing look at battling depression

I personally battle daily with anxiety and also the occasional depression. I wasn't sure if this book would benefit me in the way I needed. But the principles in this book can help anyone battling with any sort of conflict; whether depression, anxiety or everyday life that weighs you down. The chapter on “Your Thoughts” was by far the most helpful to me. I put the principle into play daily from that chapter alone. The personal honest conversational way the book is written makes it feel like your talking to a friend. Even when there's scientific evidence noted, it never feels like you’re being talked down to; but rather explained in a way anyone can understand. From the first chapter I was engaged by the visual metaphors. Depression can feel like such a long way out of the darkness. Putting it into simple steps helps it feel more attainable.

Whatever your beliefs, the idea of tapping into something bigger than yourself in order to overcome something as debilitating as depression is something anyone can grasp. And navigating through that while following closely behind someone who has been there makes it feel less lonely.


This book came to me when I most needed it, and I didn't even know I did.

After having lived with someone for years who struggled with severe depression, I was so overcome with his depression, that I was not able to see the signs in myself. I stopped caring for myself because I was so busy caring for him. After leaving that situation, Jason just happened to make a post about his new book. Initially, I purchased the book to support an old friend, however, after reading the first chapter, I realized how much this book was speaking to me. Finding the root of the cause is so important. Sometimes the root can't be changed immediately, but it sure can be improved. People around me are telling I look so much happier, my skin is glowing, I'm carrying myself better - even though I haven't lost weight, I'm wearing with self-love again!

Leslie Stewart

Do Not Miss This Book!

I am not usually a fan of self-help, self-improvement or motivational books to read in my limited free time, but I felt compelled to read this book to teach me the tools to help those around me, young and old, who suffer from depression. I'm so thankful I did! This is not just another book on "coping" with depression or what ails you, it is a step-by-step guide on how to BEAT depression for good. It takes you on a journey inward and suggests practical tips to help any ordinary individual who may have an internal struggle to simply give them a try! Jason Smitka has offered something here that is unique yet so simple. I am excited to share this "how-to" manual with my loved ones so that nobody has to face depression and despair. I highly recommend you read this book to better understand yourself, even if depression is not a factor in your own life. You won't regret it.